portfolio video

The Sustainability Program at the National Center for Atmospheric Research

  Dr. Janice Coen, NCAR Scientist, giving a talk on Wildfires: Understanding and Prediction

Dr. David Goochis, NCAR Scientist, giving a talk on Hydrometerological Prediction


Dr. Roger Wakimoto, past President of NCAR, answering 3 questions about the Vortex field campaign


Rob Moraga discussing fire mitigation at the NCAR Mesa Lab


Dr. Gabi Pfitzer & David Hosansky demonstrating good & bad practises when being interviewed by media


Better weather forecasting by Jeff Keeling


Air • Plantet • People: An Introduction to NCAR  


Jeffrey Kiehl and climate change


B-roll video clips from the HIPPO field campaign


Voice of America - Gulfstream V studies global climate change


Dr. Gerald Meehl, NCAR Scientist, discusses how high temperatures beat lows


Video clips from the VOCALS field project in Mexico


Dr. Kevin Trenberth, NCAR Scientist, discusses missing heat loss and climate change